The Software Developer will be part of Information Technology Group. Developing applications for our internal and external customers. Responsible for supporting and enhancing Office 365 Projects, Accounting DMS, INTERNAL applications used by our internal and external customers.

  • Utilizing the Software Development Life Cycle, the lead developer will work with the technical team which includes Project Team, Developers, Designers, Server Administrators (DB, Systems, Network etc) and the non-technical team which includes Account/Sales managers and functional users to develop new functions or modules.
  • Responsible in formulating a User Acceptance Testing document that corresponds with the business requirements gathered.
  • Responsible in conducting training at all levels of the organization.
  • Identify, monitor and adhering to Risk Management Process.
  • Responsible in creating and adhering to the Change Management Process.
  • Responsible in troubleshooting and patching production issues encountered.
  • Responsible in support SAP Business One for Accounting.
  • Primary support for Digital Transformation technologies and Web Development opportunities.
  • Also, responsible for supporting and enhancing custom applications develop for our external customers using Microsoft SharePoint and Full Stack technologies.
  • Establishing and/or attending daily, weekly, and monthly meetings together with the end-users or project team.
  • Resolving problems and conflicts within the projects and understanding when to activate escalation procedures.
  • Conduct presentations on concepts, ideas, optimized processes, prototypes and completed applications to internal and external clients.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related degree.
  • Knowledge of the software development life cycle.
  • The desire to work in fast-paced environment.
  • Ability to develop unit testing of code components or complete applications.
  • Must be a full-stack developer and understand concepts of software engineering.
  • Experience working on a variety of software development projects. Deep programming language knowledge.
  • Creativity is always a plus.