8 Steps to Landing Your First Job

From an in-depth resume prep to finding your career path, here is everything that you need to know.

Job searching, especially for your first job, is a nerve-wracking experience for anyone. Even just thinking of having to apply to so many options can be overwhelming.

Does this sound familiar? Keep on reading and we can tell you 8 simple steps to landing your first job.

Step 1: Create or Update Your CV

If you have not yet created your own CV or resume, now is the perfect time! Your resume highlights important information about you such as your name, contact details, educational background, work experience, and skills you can apply to a future job. Include your full name, contact details, your educational background, and work experience.

Step 2: Browse Online Job Listings

LinkedIn, Indeed, and JobStreet are popular job listing websites where employers can post job openings for all fields. If you are unsure of what jobs are in demand, try browsing through any of these websites and filtering through the results to note your location and the job you want.

Microgenesis posts new openings regularly through our website, LinkedIn, and Indeed pages. You can browse and filter through our openings to know how to join our various departments!

Step 3: Review Your Skill Strengths

Take this time to also refine your skills and learn new skills to help add an edge to what you can offer. Educating yourself through videos, tutorials, and webinars will not only let you add more skills to your resume but will also help you reach an even wider range of employers.

Step 4: Apply for as Many Job Listings as Possible

Browse through the job listings available in your area and send out your resume to companies you find interesting. Make sure to also add in your last work experience if any, provide your email and number, and keep your schedule open for interviews. Create cover letters to highlight more of why you are a good candidate for that position.  

Step 5: Practice for Interviews

Practice introducing yourself in front of a mirror and describe your strengths that are related to the job you are applying for. Search for videos and tips on how to project your voice, address employers, and appear confident even if you may be nervous. Mentally prepare yourself to defend the reasons why you want to be hired in this position.

Step 6: Treat Every Job Interview Like it is “The One”

If you treat every single interview seriously, that interview may just lead you to an amazing offer. Answer every question honestly and confidently, and dress appropriately for the interview even if it may just be virtual. Do your best with any required assessments and submit them as soon as possible.

Step 7: Do Not Rush the Process

While waiting for responses and invitations to interviews, remember to rest and take time to focus on your hobbies and personal interests. You won’t get an offer overnight, so enjoy this free time while it lasts. Don’t forget that there is more to life than just looking for work!

Step 8: Look Forward to Starting a New Chapter

Remember the main goal of job hunting: finding a company and position that not only lets you refine your skills, but also provides you with a great working environment. At Microgenesis, we believe in a strong family culture that makes sure no one is left behind. We make sure that everyone who applies and is accepted will be properly guided, oriented, and mentored by the best professionals in the IT industry. What are you waiting for? Apply with us now and look forward to starting an exciting new chapter.