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Environmental Monitoring System
Monitor your data servers from anywhere.

“Infrastructure management solution from Vertiv allows data center administrators to manage environmental conditions i.e. temperature and humidity, leak, smoke, vibrations and digital inputs and outputs. It is also capable of monitoring infrastructure appliances such as UPS, precision cooling units, generator sets and etc.”

Conovate Environmental Monitoring System (EMS) is adequate conditions of the IT Data Centers which contains your data warehouse is one of the basic requirements for security of the information. Not only monitoring the data centers but also monitoring the whole IT building architecture of the system is very important.

APC Security and Environmental Appliances protects against environmental or human physical threats that cause disruption or downtime to IT assets. Facility-level management of systems, devices, and processes. On-site managers and operators can control power and processes down to the device level, preventing business disruptions and disturbances.

The iManager NetEco6000 details managing assets on U-location accuracy, and dynamically balances capacities such as power, cooling, space, and network ports to increase resource utilization. Tenant analysis facilitates business decision making, automatic failure diagnostics, paperless inspection, mobile App improvement, and O&M efficiency by 50 percent. The AI based iCooling algorithm optimizes energy efficiency by 8 percent, and it has been widely applied among governments, FSIs, ISPs, and more.