NETWORK & Communication

Work remotely. Stay connected anywhere.

Technology is one of the fastest-growing innovations in our modern world. Stronger online connections are made daily in all parts of the globe, bridging us closer in this new digital landscape. As our technology expands, so do our networking solutions. Microgenesis is ready to help you with digital solutions to improve your virtual workspace experience.

Need a faster connection but hate cables? Access points add more areas with a strong internet signal to your workspace, without the hassle of wires.

Too many devices, too little time? Switches connect your devices to the same network, making transferring data between them much easier. 

A device that not only allows your devices to share the same network but also correctly routes traffic from your internet into these devices.

 Avoid overloading your internet server with a Load Balancer, a device that distributes network traffic among backend servers to create a larger server pool.

A firewall gives you better control of what kind of data your internet and devices can access by filtering IP addresses, blocking malicious sites, and giving extra protection against hackers.