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Information Security
Cloud Optix

The sky’s the limit with our Cloud Optix services. We will help you keep track of the storage, data, and resources stored in the cloud, so you never have to worry about losing data ever again.

Cloud Optix delivers the continuous analysis and visibility organizations need to detect, respond, and prevent security and compliance gaps that leave them exposed.

Avoid Data Loss
Visualize infrastructure instantly and identify misconfigurations and possible data breach points.

Stop Unauthorized Access
It takes as little as 52 seconds for an attacker to identify public cloud workloads as a target. Cloud Optix AI-powered monitoring instantly identifies suspicious console login events, API calls and assumed-role API calls that suggest shared or stolen user credentials are being used by an attacker remotely.

Automate Security at the Pace of DevOps
Combining the power of AI and automation, your DevOps and security teams can realize continuous delivery without risk of replicating security vulnerabilities in the development pipeline.