Devices & Rentals
Work from home? Trainings? Events? Why buy when you can rent!

These days when management limits capital investment to what is necessary, the best thing to do is rent the resources that you need. Specially, if it is a new business where you test waters, why not rent for a while until the project is proven feasible?

At Microgenesis, we offer for rent top of the line desktops, laptops, Training facility on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.  What’s more is that, aside from the rental services we offer, the computers are free of maintenance costs as we will ensure that our units are always in good running condition, free of charge.

Microgenesis is keeping abreast of this change. Microgenesis specializes in creating a perfect user experience by providing custom built, config to order laptops and desktops to meet the unique needs of your customer.

Benefits of Rental:

  • you have a pre-determined monthly expenses item, which can help you budget more effectively. No need to pay upfront.
  • Every time Change as Per The Needs of corporate business requirements.
  • Hassle free on the disposal of units. Customers just need to inform Microgenesis, and we will take care of the pull out/return of equipment
  • Customers don’t have to worry about obsolescence and depreciation of equipment as the risk is with Microgenesis.
  • Maintenance free and ease of deployment.
  • Data Confidentiality.

Microgenesis do not only provide a cost effective and good quality product, but also backed up highly skilled and competent engineers to ensure exceptional support and service during planning up to the execution.

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