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Keep your data in one place.

Billions of data and information are transferred from one point to another worldwide, and it might be difficult to track where this data goes. At Microgenesis we care about increasing your data management efficiency with our data center solutions.

Preserve your business’ data with a data server system. A data server allows you to have centralized storage and retrieval equipment to handle large amounts of information passing through different endpoints. It also allows you to control who gets to access the data server’s files, so private information can remain secure.

Data center storage refers to the collective group of devices, software technologies, and processes that manage and monitor data in the servers. It also helps determine the amount of storage in a server, who can access and send data from the server, and more.

Manage your data center infrastructure even better with a visualization system. Visualization creates a graphical representation of every device working together in the data center, allowing a broader view of its organization and management.

Data center protection refers to a security function that can be added into a data server, which controls and monitors what kind of data enters and exits into different endpoints. Data center backup means storing secondary files or copies of data in case the primary version is lost. Together these two functions are key essential needs in any data center infrastructure.

A divided data center infrastructure system will greatly affect your data management. That is why it is important to have a Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI), which refers to a combination of all servers, storage, data protection, backup, and security functions working in one data center.