Sophos Endpoint

Sophos Endpoint introduces its new endpoint protection, Intercept X. It is the world’s best endpoint protection that protects using deep learning against unknown malware, ransomware, exploits, and more, in a single solution.


LogMeIn’s Security Module and Antivirus software powered by Bitdefender helps in mitigating the risks of cyber threats and securing endpoints. Its claim in protecting clients and companies from viruses, spyware, malware, phishing attacks, and sophisticated online threats are the reasons why they are one of the best providers when it comes to cyber protection.

Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto Networks’ wide variety of security subscriptions like IoT Security, SD-WAN, GlobalProtect, DNS Security Services, Threat Prevention, URL Filtering, WildFire, and Enterprise Data Loss Prevention (DLP) can offer what’s best for everyone depending on their needs. People can also deploy Palo Alto Networks security subscriptions to where and when


CrowdStrike’s Falcon Complete is an endpoint protection delivered as a service and is the highest level of endpoint security maturity delivered instantly without the burden of building and managing it on your own. This endpoint protection includes modules like: Falcon Prevent, Falcon Insight, Falcon Discover, Falcon Overwatch, and Falcon Complete Team that can help in securing your Cybersecurity.


F5’s Application Infrastructure Protection defends the systems that applications depend on. It helps in providing visibility into SSL/TLS traffic, assists in rooting out malwares and attacks hiding within encrypted traffic, and reduces management overhead of network-based security inspection tools like malware sandboxing or WAF and IPS.


Kaspersky has a triple-layer protection system that works 24/7 in securing devices and data and blocks usual and sophisticated threats like ransomware, malware, viruses, spy apps, and all the latest hacker tricks. Kaspersky have Proactive detection that locates the vulnerabilities and threats in devices, Real-time protection which blocks cyberthreats before they spread, and Instant neutralization that removes and isolates instant dangers.


Forcepoint’s Dynamic Edge Protection is the Industry’s First Human-Centric SASE that acts as security-as-a-service for using web, cloud, and private applications that keeps threats out and data in. Secure Access Service Edge or SASE is the latest and unified way to safeguard the use of cloud, web, and other private applications without the hassle of point products.

Core Impact

Core Impact is created to authorize security teams to administer developed penetration tests with ease. With guided automation and certified exploits, the strong penetration testing software enables users to test the environment safely using the same techniques as today’s adversaries.


Acunetix is a complete web application security solution that helps users manage vulnerabilities across all compelling web assets. Acunetix’s claims are it is intuitive and easy to use because it eliminates lengthy setup and onboarding times, it verifies which vulnerabilities are real, thus freeing the user’s team from chasing down false positives, and it saves time with lightning fast scans that searches for essential instant vulnerabilities and do not hog the user’s network or overload the servers.


Tenable safeguards industrial networks from malicious threats, cyber insiders, and human errors. It also protects and identifies operational technology environments from cyber exposure and danger and to make certain operational safety and reliability.


Checkmarx’s Software Security Platform supplies a compact foundation for operating the user’s suite of software security solutions for Static Application Security Testing (SAST), Software Composition Analysis (SCA), Interactive Application Security Testing (IAST), and skills development and application security training. The Checkmarx Software Security Platform transforms the standard for secure application development providing one powerful resource with industry-leading capabilities, including: CxSAST, CxSCA, CxIAST, and CxCodeBashing or Checkmarx AppSec Awareness Solution.


Gigamon’s Visibility and Analytics Fabric makes the work easy by giving users a platform for deep and pervasive visibility across the entire network and providing insights for rapid threat hunting, forensics, and investigation. Fixing the gap in security architecture, and a stronger security that starts with network visibility will be possible through Gigamon.


Imperva’s Application Security keeps businesses up, and enemies down – in the cloud or on-premises. Imperva’s Attack Analytics, Web Application Firewall (WAF), DDoS Protection, Runtime Application Self-Protection, API Security, Advanced Bot Protection, and Application Delivery are the reasons why they can provide multi-layered protection in making applications and websites user-friendly, and always available and secure.


V-Key’s V-OS App Protection was made as a universal solution to ensure both convenience to enterprise end-users and security. It can protect and detect the mobile applications from threats, such as tampering, hooking, library signature validation, app integrity checks, reverse-engineering, debugging, code injection, and many more.