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Fujitsu is an established leader when it comes to document imaging, featuring a state-of-the-art scanning solution from mobile scanning all the way up to production-level heavy-duty scanning. Fujitsu offers scanners from small office to home office, which is the Scansnap scanners which provides mobile and one-touch document imaging that is perfect for smaller organization and scanners for business, the fi & SP Series, which provides solutions with top of the line edge document imaging technology that is efficient for any organization.

Fuji Xerox

Fuji Xerox Scanners provide the digital on-ramp for businesses to transform hard copy documents into an efficient document management solution. They have a wide range of scanners that can cover the needs starting from small businesses to professional businesses with a high-speed scanning requirement.


Canon’s DR6010C Scanner’s feature has fast and efficient handling, featuring a versatile dual paper path that handles diverse document types comfortably and effortlessly, energy-efficient, resulting to the reduce of costs, auto-shading mechanism, and bundled software.


Epson has a wide variety of scanners for your home and even at work depending on the user’s needs and preferences. They have the best scanners for business, from network scanners, to portable scanners and more.

Kodak Alaris

Kodak Alaris manufactures scanners with intelligent automated features and class-leading software. Document scanners from Kodak Alaris are the innovative choice that offers the right technology in optimizing workflows that involves paper.

Color-Trac (Wide Format)

Colortrac scanners are ideal for scanning CAD drawings, blueprints, or any wide format technical document. One example is their SmartLF Sci 36, which is perfect for engineering, construction, line drawings, maps and plans, it also has a SUPERDRIVE powered soft-roller system for media pressure and high-quality images and game-changing SingleSensor ™ technology for large format image quality.