Modular Data Center
Data on the go

Data centers don’t need to be stuck in one room forever. With a modular data center, you can create a customizable unit or module to carry your computer servers to other locations. They are built to keep your servers safe and working and range from a small external casing to a walk-in style building.  A modular data center adds flexibility and portability to your existing data infrastructure.

Vertiv micro data centers provide an all-in-one solution combining power, cooling, monitoring, and racks that are built for unique expectations and constraints. Its compact and flexible design make it ideal for deployment at the edge of the network, network closets or telecom sites. Flexibility also enables customers to scale up or down depending on their requirements.

An emerging trend in data center design is modular Micro Data Centers, which provide cost effective, energy efficient data center service with a rapid deployment time frame. Canovate® Micro DC solution is the right and cost effective answer for this increasing demand. Canovate® Micro DC solution is an integrated data center solution that incorporates Racks, UPS , Cooling , Fire Suppression, PDU and Environmental Monitoring System (EMS) in a compact single platform.

Aisle containment ceilings, walls and end of row doors are designed to help maintain optimal operating temperature in server rooms and data centers in order to lower data center energy demands and save on energy costs. Eaton offers a wide range of partial and total containment solutions that can accommodate hot aisle containment, cold aisle containment and rack-based heat containment.

Huawei next generation, Smart Modular Data Center — awarded the world’s first “Uptime Tier IV Ready” certification — integrating power, cooling, rack and cabling, and management systems. With a wide range of applications, the structure can be either single- or dual-row, with support for hot or cold aisle containment. In addition, with Artificial Intelligence (AI) built in, data center reliability, availability, and efficiency are all significantly improved, through the use of Huawei’s iPower, iCooling, and iManager systems.