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Uninterrupted Power Supply
Don’t let the power die out.

An Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) is a device or system that provides a continuous stream of electricity to data centers. They serve as a backup power supply like that of a generator in case the main power supply goes out. They are also used to keep servers running during maintenance, and are a crucial component needed for any data center.

APC provides power protection and management solutions from home to data center to industrial environments. APC offers both Single Phase and 3 Phase UPS power protection, solving today’s energy challenges while setting the standard for quality and innovation with fully integrated solutions for enterprise-wide networks, data centers, mission-critical systems, and industrial/manufacturing processes.

The critical systems that sustain your business operations can’t go down. Vertiv supports you in improving your uptime with a full range of innovative Liebert uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and future-proof, integrated UPS systems, that will cover the backup power needs of your IT infrastructure, from small computer rooms at the network edge to enterprise and hyperscale data centers. Discover the best uninterruptible supplies to protect your application.

Eaton is a leading provider of backup power UPS, or uninterruptible power supply. Eaton UPSs deliver high quality, reliable backup power for everything from network closets and server rooms to enterprise and colocation data centers.

As an innovator in the power supply and distribution sector, Huawei has integrated electronic and intelligent digital technologies to create the SmartLi UPS solution. With a far smaller physical footprint and a significantly longer lifespan, Li-ion batteries are substantially more cost-effective than the traditional lead-acid batteries often used in the Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) of a data center. And with the cost of Li-ion batteries expected to continue to fall, by up to 30% over the next three years — arriving at the same price level as lead-acid alternatives — Li-on solutions will be increasingly deployed in data centers around the world.

Canovate UPS is designed specifically for data centers, computer systems and critical equipments. Offers flexible installation for reducing installation time. Consequently, it can be maintained and controlled easily that provides the highest reliability and best protection for supplying power.