Security is our top priority.

As technology adapts and evolves, viruses and hackers learn more ways in which to intercept data. At Microgenesis we prioritize cybersecurity, providing you with various solutions that will protect not only your business’s devices and hardware, but also keep your data secured.

Splunk Enterprise Security provides you with an all-around dashboard to keep up to date with your business’s stored data, analyze metrics and trends, and the components of your IT infrastructure. You can also keep an eye on any threats or vulnerabilities so you can respond to them at any time.

Tired of submitting source code only for it to be sent back with revisions? Checkmarx SAST (Static Application Security Testing) allows you to skip the headache of back-and-forth revisions by analyzing your source code and checking for technical or logical issues.

F5 Security makes sure that the applications you manage are working smoothly and are secure from any threats. Not only will you be able to keep your application services safe from threats, but you will also be able to view insights and issues. F5 Security makes sure your applications work the way you want them to, no matter where you are.

Tenable, Inc. is a pioneer of cybersecurity. Tenable Security continues to provide your business with all-around cybersecurity features, making sure that your stored data either on the cloud or directly on your device remains secure.

The LogRhythm NextGen SIEM Platform, with its main component the XDR Stack, guarantees simple yet efficient cybersecurity analysis. Add-on modules include  UserXDR, LogRhythm UEBA, NetworkXDR, SysMon (System Monitor) Lite and Pro, and more.  They are available as either software, physical or virtual appliance, in IaaS, or in a hybrid environment.

Core Impact utilizes Rapid Penetration Tests to spot, test, and report any cybersecurity issues within minutes. Maximizing your resources, gathering information, and creating reports are made easier and more efficient. Exploit security weaknesses, increase productivity, and improve efficiency more reliably.

Imperva focuses on security automation, primarily application security, network security, cloud-narrative security, and data security. It provides deeper protection, stronger security, and faster response rates for your applications and data. Imperva also offers a subscription that allows for even more specific cybersecurity features for additional threat defense.