Protect your most important data.

The internet can give us vital information anytime and anywhere, but it can also lead to us unknowingly encountering the wrong kind of data. Hackers, viruses, malware, and more are a great risk to any business’s devices. Microgenesis has designed custom-built tools to make sure your data information is secured and safe, no matter where you are.  

Ensure the safety of your devices with our endpoint protection system, designed to secure endpoints on various devices against malware and viruses.

Sometimes viruses can be delivered right into your inbox. Our email protection services keep any email-based virus at bay.

Need specific sites blocked? Our website protection services make sure your internet cannot access any sites you would like us to filter out.

Keep classified information away from the wrong people with our encryption services, guaranteed to convert unencrypted data (plaintext) into a code only specific people can open.

The sky’s the limit with our Cloud Optix services. We will help you keep track of the storage, data, and resources stored in the cloud, so you never have to worry about losing data ever again.

Filter out any unwanted data with a firewall. We will help you with filtering out any suspicious data packets, blocking specific IP addresses, and more.

Equipped with a stronger, more specific security system, Next Gen Firewalls can further protect your devices from malware that may be missed by a regular firewall.

Our RMM services allow our engineers to monitor your workspaces and devices remotely, ensuring any issues you may have can be resolved anytime, anywhere.

Stay on top of your network system with our Network Management services. Keep track of shared data, performance issues, security management, and more, all stored in one place.