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Protect your data and information from hackers lurking on the internet.

With technology on the rise, hackers are finding new ways to steal passwords, accounts, and information. Don’t let one stolen password ruin your life. Learn simple, cost-free ways to secure your accounts and avoid the fear of being hacked.

Strengthen Your Passwords

Don’t use your real name or the same password for all accounts. Mix uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols to create strong and unique passwords. Use a password manager to keep track of them all.

Never Click on Sketchy Links

Hackers can hide in innocent-looking links to access your accounts and devices. Before clicking, check if the link is secure and the name is spelled correctly. Don’t fall for unfamiliar links that could give hackers worldwide access to your accounts.

Update Your Apps

Outdated apps make you vulnerable to hacking. Turn on automatic updates to enhance your security and enjoy new, secure features.

Clean Up Old Accounts

It’s easy to have multiple accounts with the same email, but one hacked account could lead to all your other profiles being stolen by cybercriminals. Get rid of old accounts you don’t use anymore to make it harder for hackers to find you online and keep your digital footprint to a minimum.

Use Multi-Factor Authentication

Beef up your security by using two-factor authentication. Popular apps like Facebook, Instagram, and more offer this option. Stop unauthorized access with a One-Time-PIN, set up through your account settings. Use a free app like Google Authenticator to keep track of these accounts.

Encrypt Your Messages

Cybercriminals may be reading everything you send online because your messages are not encrypted. Use encrypted messaging apps like Telegram, WhatsApp, or Signal to keep your conversations private. Your device will be secured to the recipient’s own, so only those you trust can read your messages.
Hacking is a reality, not just a movie plot. Whether you’re new to the internet or an I.T. pro, protecting your online information is up to you. At Microgenesis, we go beyond just educating our readers about cybersecurity. Our team of experts offers solutions and services to ensure a secure experience on the web.