Know how to keep your information private anywhere online.

The freedom to post anything online comes with a cost: the reality that whatever you share or browse online is being monitored by companies, advertising agencies, and cybercriminals. You could have your IP address, browsing history, and more placed into the wrong hands with one mistake. But with the right know-how, you can surf the web freely without any worries.

Avoid Public Wi-Fi Networks

While they are convenient when working outside, public networks have an extremely weak security level. This increases the chances of having your browsing history and data stolen. Only use secure home or office networks and never public networks to do bank transactions. You can also use secured VPNs to encode your browsing information.

Check Your App Permissions

If your calculator app starts asking permission to access your contact list, that is a big sign that there could be something malicious going on. Check your device’s app settings and see if any application or program is asking for unnecessary permissions like accessing the microphone or your contact list.

Turn Off Unused Services

Keeping phone services like Bluetooth, Airdrop, or GPS on can lead to cybercriminals hacking into your device. This becomes an even bigger problem when you are using a public Wi-Fi network. When not in use turn these services off to not only ward off hackers but to also preserve your device’s battery life.

Think Before You Post

While it is common to update your friends or followers about everything you do, it is also important to remember that what you share can be used against you. Think carefully before you post anything, especially those showing your location or address, as this can lead to strangers being able to track you remotely.
Not everything needs to be posted online. You can still stay updated with the latest news on social media and more without needing to completely go off the grid just by keeping these four tips in mind. Microgenesis provides various cybersecurity services and programs designed to keep you safe online anytime, anywhere.