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Looking for ways to stand out in the world of I.T.? Microgenesis has partnered with the leading I.T. exam centers, professionals, and certification experts to provide everything you need to thrive in the digital age. Get certified, learn more about all fields of I.T., and sharpen your skills in one place.

Pearson Vue is a testing company that provides reliable, secure, and flexible assessment and certification services to professionals and institutions around the world. Some of the certifications they provide include those for Cisco, VMWare, Microsoft, and more.

Red Hat is a software company that provides enterprise-level open-source solutions for businesses. They are globally recognized in helping I.T. professionals advance their careers. They offer a variety of certifications for professionals looking to get certified in Red Hat systems, such as: application development, cloud computing, virtualization, and more.

SUSE is a global leader in open-source solutions for enterprise environments in IT. They offer various certifications such as the Suse Certified Administrator and Suse Certified Engineer programs. Gaining certifications from SUSE can greatly help I.T. professionals demonstrate their knowledge in enterprise environments.

Microgenesis fully supports the acceleration of I.T. professionals in certification programs by providing its office as a training venue, with I.T. experts in various fields ready to train the next generation. Microgenesis is also a certified exam center, allowing a calm and quiet space for exam takers to take exams from the companies listed above.