A Brand Committed to Integrity

Know about the core values that make Microgenesis stand out.

We Value Integrity

INTEGRITY – At Microgenesis, integrity means more than just upholding honesty, transparency, and truthfulness in everything that we do as a company. For us, integrity also means working together as one regardless of department and specialization, rising above all challenges unified and strong.
TEAMWORK – Microgenesis makes sure to emphasize the importance of teamwork and trust in all tasks, events, and our everyday lives. It is always important to us that every person in the team works in synergy to bring the best output while at the same time empowering each other.

We Value Teamwork

We Value Excellence

EXCELLENCE – Every Microgenesis employee performs at the best of their abilities, providing quality service that exceeds expectations, goes beyond set standards, and is always conducted in a professional manner. We make sure that all our output not only serves our client’s needs but also highlights excellence.
FAMILY SPIRIT – Upon joining Microgenesis you become part of our growing family. And like every family we look out for each other, guide each other, and support each other through all the challenges of life and work. We make sure that the growth of one is the growth of the entire company.

We Value Family Spirit

We Value Customer Focus

CUSTOMER FOCUS – As proud Mgenesians we treat every customer with the utmost respect, kindness, and courtesy to make sure that all their needs are met and that we treat them as our own. Combined with the dedication we put into every task given to us, high-quality customer service is guaranteed.
RESULT ORIENTED – Microgenesis has been serving both its local and international customers for more than thirty years for a good reason. We have been able to prove the quality of our service continuously in various facets for decades as we make sure to achieve all desired results in all our endeavors.

We Value Being Result-Oriented

We Value You! Join us Today!

Microgenesis can be your first great stepping stone into the growing world of Information Technology. With Microgenesis you will be able to learn not only important skills for your chosen field but also become part of our movement to create a brighter future for the Philippines and the world.