Building A Flexible Work Experience in The New Normal

The new normal opens different innovations, ideas, and opportunities to wide-ranging kinds of industries.

People having the choice to work remotely or joining the skeletal workforce in the office, having problems in meetings or conferences is only one of the several challenges they must deal with. With remote being the future of work, and to ensure the employees are safe, productive, and connected, they need an effective collaboration of tools. Cisco, long-time partner of Microgenesis, innovates the Cisco Webex Devices which is designed for people working remotely.

Aside from the people coming back to work observing and practicing social distancing, the Cisco Secure Remote Worker/s who works remotely, can now have a seamless collaboration with other workers with the use of Cisco Webex Devices. They can now have the same span of meetings on their multiple devices without having the scare of getting in contact with other people. With Webex, people can be productive anywhere, because of its wireless sharing and people sensor, which can see the number of people present in the meeting, wherever they are. This invention is a big help to the workforce to be able to send corporate messages within seconds especially in the I.T. industry, in which data and information are needed to be relied fast and accurately.

These devices can help employees create as a team, even though some are still working from home. With Webex also being equipped with a digital assistant and being compatible with Webex Meetings and Webex Teams, it makes collaborations easier, and gives people the best possible meeting experience. Another important aspect to know about Webex is that it is powered with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning – video systems, which can ask a person if he/she wants to join the meeting or enable proximity pairing, and it will know if a person enters a conference room. Even though a person is far away, with Webex’s high definition video and audio, it can still bring everyone in the meeting together in one room. Also, facial recognition allows the people know who’s in the meeting, and people working remotely can now share their ideas as effectively and easily as if they are in the office. With the continuous rise of technology and different innovations, the invention of Cisco’s Webex Devices give the people comfort by making their jobs easier and accessible to dissimilar devices. These notable and astounding features of Webex can be used in building a flexible work experience in this new normal for everyone.