During his tenure as Group CIO of The Medical City (TMC), Brett Medel oversaw IT initiatives within the organization. He had heard of Microgenesis before joining TMC but had not much opportunity to work with them in ePLDT, with only one encounter with our software development department. What convinced him to try Microgenesis’s other offerings was the responsiveness and thoughtfulness of our account manager for TMC.

Between pricing, support, and engagement, Brett valued the warm, real engagements with us the most. Our account managers look out not only for the next project to join, but the concerns of their customers, taking their challenges as their own. Brett and his entire department at TMC also had this same impression of our technical engineers who worked with them, recalling overtimes and weekend calls done proactively and free of charge. We don’t look to have a single transaction, but a long partnership. Service, not our next commission, comes first in these opportunities.
Raymund Brett C. Medel
The Medical City