The Benefits of Working at Microgenesis

Variety of Leave Options Available

Regular employees of Microgenesis are eligible to receive various types of leave options such as vacation leave, sick leave, and birthday leave, along with all government-mandated benefits. That way you can take a break from work when you need to without worrying about its effect on your payslip.

Get to know the many major benefits you will receive at Microgenesis.

HMO Coverage Guaranteed

Sickness and accidents can happen at any time. As an employee at Microgenesis, you are entitled to HMO coverage upon regularization to make sure that your health concerns are addressed without added expense.

Hybrid Work Set Up Available

Here at Microgenesis we care about having the right work-life balance. As we allow employees to work in a hybrid setup, you can still work from home a few days a week and spend time with your loved ones.

Convert Sick Leaves into Cash

As a Microgenesis employee you will be able to convert five unused sick leaves into cash which will be reflected in your payslip.

Get Training and Certification from Reliable Tech Companies

Tech certifications can be costly to get on your own, but as an employee of Microgenesis you will be able to sign up for various training programs and certificates from the best technology companies both locally and internationally.

Great Pay and Incentives

Here at Microgenesis we always make sure to acknowledge the hard work done by our employees every day. Upon joining us you will be able to enjoy not only the fruits of your labor but also various incentives to keep you motivated.

Life Insurance once Hired

Tragedies may happen at any moment in time. However, once you become a Microgenesis employee the life insurance we provide will cover any expenses that may occur in the event of untimely demise.

Meet Your New Work Family at Microgenesis!

Microgenesis isn’t just a company of hard workers, it is also a company of friends and partners growing together every day. Here you are part of the family. Join us now and become part of our diverse community!