Whether you’re already knowledgeable about technology or are simply interested in computers, the MIP is an excellent way to jumpstart your career in the Information Technology industry. With the help of highly trained experts and mentors, you will be able to experience world-class training alongside our employees in different departments. You will also be able to expand your knowledge through presentations, projects, technical support, and more.

You will be able to work alongside a team of talented, bright professionals in various fields of the IT industry. As an intern in the MIP, you will experience not only an intensive yet fun internship program but also further possibilities in the IT field.

Interns in the MIP will be guided closely by mentors who will not only teach you on-the-job training but will also be your connection to the ever-growing world of technology. 

In four steps, you will be able to unlock a treasure trove of knowledge and experience! 

Train with world-class experts.
The MIP will connect you to experts in different IT fields.
Become the next IT phenomenon.
Endless opportunities are at your fingertips with the MIP.
Join our family!
Become a part of our growing family, no matter your background.
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What we look for?

  1. You will be evaluated on not just your capacity for analysis, decision-making, and creating solutions, but also your enthusiasm, resilience, drive, and confidence.

  2. During the internship program, you will have a formal mid-term review with your mentor and supervisor. This will then be followed by a final review, which includes a competency-based interview. You will also be tasked with a final presentation that culminates everything you have learned.

  3. Doing well in the MIP can result in being offered a full-time role in the company.

Online application:​

You may complete your application online or connect your LinkedIn profile. Make sure that you are eligible to work in a hybrid set up before deciding to apply. The online application will only take up to 5 minutes.

Your success in our internship program

could result in you being offered a full-time role.

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